SOL’s Exclusive No Hassle Website

Nov. 2021

SOL's Exclusive No Hassle Website Nov. 2021

Your personal profile name as it appears in Facebook so you can join our support group

What is the domain name you have bought especially for your new website?

Which domain registrar company did you buy your domain from? (For example, GoDaddy, 123Reg etc.)

Domain Please confirm that your domain is currently not connected to any hosting service and does not have any website/information installed on it already (this is just to double check and avoid any confusion or mistakes!)

Nameservers (see instructions below)

ONLY answer this question if you were unable to update your domain nameservers as explained in the previous question, and need help doing it: Please provide the login information to your domain account (username and password).

All installations will be completed in the next 1-3. However, please let us know the level of urgency you require your installation, so we can prioritize accordingly!

Please include any special requests/comments/questions here

15 + 15 =

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